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The Adventures of Cabin 17

This past weekend, God once again demonstrated the power of friendship and the importance of living life together. Eleven ladies from my church went to a women’s retreat (or a soul vacation as I like to call it) at Punderson Park. There were six of us in my cabin. I have attended a lot of retreats/conferences but this one was by far one of the best, most fun, most deep, most freeing one I have ever experienced. Friday night during service, we had to go and have quiet time as part of the service. Jessie, Tammy, and I went out to the foyer, right outside the bar in which a guy was singing  (wonderfully, I might add) with a guitar. So there we were, in a “haunted” manor, under the shadow of a knight in shining armor, listening to a guy with an acoustic guitar, spending time with Jesus. I love my relationship with Him! He shows up wherever I am! While I was sitting there, I wrote down all the songs that the guy sang so I am incorporating all the titles of the song in to my blog! J

The six of us all came as “Desperado’s – all desperate for God and for breakthroughs in our lives. And breakthroughs came! Breakthrough came in the form of tears, laughter (lots and lots), worship, the Word, prayer, YouTube (yep, I said it) and through each other. We all discovered “everybody needs somebody, sometimes.” (Thanks, Keith).

The theme of the weekend was Untangled. We are broken people and life tangles us up. We get tangled in unforgiveness, bitterness, wrong thinking, worry, fear and insecurity just to name a few. We need to allow God to untangle the broken pieces in us.  This weekend each of us experienced “landslides” in these areas. Landslides of God’s love and healing. Landslides of laughter. I have discovered in my own walk with the Lord that there are tools that God has given us to help with our healing. Two of these tools are tears and laughter. Both of these flowed over the weekend!

And every evening, back in Cabin 17, we discovered that “the freaks come out at night.” J And so did the laughter. Blueberries, fighting holly hobbies, 2-legged horses, jumping, Lemuel Punderson, golden bath tubs, peeing out the calories, sea weed ghosts, haunted rocking chairs, crazy camera man, chunky dunking, the blue jean dance all became part of the healing laughter. Saturday, after circle time and an evening of sharing our stories, and putting into writing what we most admire about one another, and jumping like maniacs, and me taking an elbow to the shoulder from Melanie (that was caught on film), we all went to bed. Just as I was about to drift off into a contented, peaceful sleep, Melanie and Jessie burst into our room shouting “Where is Heidi? Is Heidi in her bed? We heard the front door shut.” We tried to convince Melanie that it “was just her imagination” or Mr. Punderson leaving and returning to his golden bath tub.

Sunday morning was an amazing time of worship and the Word. I had the privilege of praying for ladies with Susie. To see God seal all that He had done in each of the ladies was overwhelming. For some reason, God in His infinite wisdom wired women to need each other. My prayer for the 11 ladies from our church that went is that they would not leave the retreat thinking “Here I go again on my own”. I pray that they would continue to see the need for friendship, authenticity, laughter, and tears. Someone asked me what made the retreat so great. I thought about the answer to that and I came to the conclusion it was the ladies that went that made it so great. For a weekend we got to share our lives and our hurts and our tears and our laughter with one another. We got to pray for one another and rejoice with one another. Keith Urban really was right when he sang the song “Everybody needs somebody sometimes.” And God always seems to know who those somebodies need to be. So the adventures of Cabin 17 have come to an end but somehow I know that the friendships that were made and strengthened there will continue to grow!


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2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Cabin 17

  1. Carey D. Henderson on said:

    Love, Love, Love, Love, this!!! You hit it right on the nail. Totally worth waiting for. I almost wanna copy it & say I wrote it 🙂

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