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The Sweater


This past Monday, as I was putting my winter clothes away and pulling out my spring/summer stuff, I came across a sweater that I purchased from Goody’s while I was in college some 17+ years ago J. It is not the most attractive sweater; it’s 100% acrylic and incredibly itchy (it was cheap…I was a poor college student)! As I pulled it out of the storage container, memories from college came flooding back.

I remember in Bible College how I wanted to give my life for the cause of Christ. How I said that I would go anywhere, do anything, be everything He wanted me to be. I prayed to do great things for Him and to be used however He saw fit. As I held the sweater, gratitude overwhelmed me. The realization that I am currently living in the midst of those prayers being answered hit me! We just celebrated Easter where I serve on staff in Vermilion (my hometown). God is doing such amazing things in people’s lives. I love where God has me, what He has me doing, and realize that the prayers I had in Bible College are still the cry of my heart today!

I actually wore the sweater yesterday for old time’s sake. It was still itchy but I think I will have a pillow made of it like someone suggested. It is a great reminder of the faithfulness of God and the amazing journey He has me on!



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