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Election Eve

(I wrote this November 2nd, 2009, the night before the election in which I ran for my 4th term on Vermilion City Council. It was my first time running for the Council at large position. Instead of blogging about this year’s Presidential election, I thought this was worth moving to my blog page! Please remember to vote!)

Tonight is election eve and I am sitting in a hotel room in Pittsburg. I will be home for the results tomorrow night. You would think that I would be thinking about whether I will win or lose but I am not. I am thinking about my dad.

Every election is important to our family. We were always taught to vote and the importance of it. My dad would always tell the story of the first time he voted. It was in Italy behind a bunker during World War 2. He was proud of that fact. Even at the end of his life, when he was on oxygen and using a walker, we would go vote. No absentee for him!

Last year was a very special year for our family. Every year my dad and I would go vote and then go to Amvets for lunch. It was tradition. What a great way to celebrate the freedom my dad fought for, to vote! Last year’s presidential election was my nephew Harrison’s first time to vote (and he was my dad’s favorite). My dad, Harrison, and I went to vote. His mom and dad met us there. We took pictures (I am a picture freak in case you haven’t noticed). Afterwards we went to the Amvets for lunch. Little did we know that would be the last time my dad voted. He passed away March 10.

I miss my dad horribly and tomorrow will not be the same. But I am proud of the fact that his sacrifice in war (decorated veteran) enabled me to be able not only to vote but to run for office. He loved voting for me and following local politics. And so tomorrow I will thank God for His goodness to me for allowing my dad to instill in me a sense of service and pride for my country.


My dad, nephew, and me 11/2/2009 on election day.


My dad’s Army picture from WWII


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2 thoughts on “Election Eve

  1. Grace Godwin on said:

    What a rich legacy your dad left you! You are blessed! Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. Carey D. Henderson on said:

    When so many people are complaining about our politics & government now, what a great reminder that our country owes a debt of gratitude to those who helped fight for our voice to be heard! Well done, Strickler 🙂

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