Living simply, loving deeply!

Personal Constitution

My favorite show is NCIS. I love everything about it. My favorite character on the show is Gibbs. He is a man’s man. Mysterious. Quiet. Loyal. Yet he is everything you would want your dad to be. Protective. Strong. No nonsense. Kind. If you look at his role closely on the show, he is the father figure to all of the agents under him. And he has this code that he teaches and expects all those under him to follow. It is a code of conduct and each rule has a #. In one of the episodes, he has gone back to his hometown to solve a murder. Tony, one of his fellow agents, is dying to know where the code comes from. So he asks Gibb’s dad if he is the one who taught them to him. It wasn’t him. As Gibbs is driving out-of-town, he flashes back to when he first met his first wife, Shannon and where his code was birthed.

We all need a code to live by.

Fresh out of Bible college and at my first place of ministry, I felt compelled to write my own personal constitution. A code of conduct on how I wanted to live my life. I don’t remember the details on how it came to be…if someone suggested that I do it or I read  about someone who had done it or if I came up with the idea all on my own. I just know it was something that I HAD to do. I do believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and that it shows God’s heart for me, the world and how I am supposed to live. I’m not adding to it. But something inside of me wanted to put all that I had learned from studying the Bible into a personal constitution…the beliefs that would direct my actions. A code of conduct, if you will. I remember spending time in prayer on this. I was surprised how quickly the words flowed from my pen once I began to write. I have it written in one of my Bibles and a paper copy that I keep in my files. I periodically read through it as a check-up…to see if I’m still living what I believe. So here it is…my personal constitution!

1. I will be one whose life is bathed in prayer –each day beginning

and ending with prayer.

2. I will be a woman of the Word.

3. I will be a woman whose life is marked by obedience to the Lord

and those He has place me under. 

4. My life will be marked by love, as demonstrated in placing others before myself.

5. My life will be marked by simplicity

(in material things and use of my time.)

6. I will be a woman who walks in the Spirit, not stepping ahead or falling behind.

7. I will be a woman whose life will be a prayer unto the Lord.

8. I will be a woman whose every second on this earth will count for eternal things.

9. I will be a woman who hears the Word of the Lord and responds.

10. I will be  a woman who repents quickly.

11. I will be a woman who does whatever the Lord places before me with my whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

12. I will be a woman whose thought life pleases the Lord.

13. I will be a woman who lives a life of integrity,demonstrating the grace and goodness of God. 

14. I will be a woman who learns from failure.

15. I will be a woman open to correction.

16. I will be a woman who gives God ALL the glory for any success

He may allow me to have.

17. I will be a faithful steward of the gifts God has given me (not despising them by wishing I had different gifts or by comparing myself to others.)

18. I will be a woman whose life is marked by continual learning.

19. I will be a woman whose life is marked by joy and whose

strength comes from God.

20. My mouth will be a mouth that builds people up, not tearing them down.



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