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Surrendering Dreams…

Yesterday in church we sang an old song from the early 90’s called “Surrender”.

The lyrics are:

Holy Father as we stand before Your throne

As we look upon Your face

We confess Your matchless grace

Lord and Savior, we have nothing without You.

There is nothing we can do

But to serve and follow You

     And surrender (And surrender)

     To surrender (to surrender)

     All our dreams, all we are, all that we are to become

     All our love

I felt yesterday that I was to lay all my dreams once again at the feet of Jesus. And I have dreams. Big dreams. And the older I get, the bigger they seem to get. Some seem impossible, others make me seem arrogant…


And as I surrendered them once again, I felt God assure me that the dreams I had were God-given dreams. And that I didn’t have to make them happen or fret. I just need to be faithful in all that He puts in front of me. And He gently reminded me that all of this is not about me. It is about Him and what He has called me to do to bring Him glory and honor. And that I am to simply live and embrace life — not always looking for the story, He will give me the story. I need to let Him fulfill the dreams and don’t be a Sarah and try to make them happen yourself.

And God has a way of driving the point home. Last night I watched the first part of the miniseries “The Bible”. In it, the story was told of God’s promise to Abraham and how he would be the father of many nations through his wife Sarah. The dream seemed impossible to Sarah due to her age and the fact that she was barren. And she wanted it to be true oh so badly! So she took matters into her own hands and made a mess of things…and innocent people got hurt in the process…

I am incredibly excited and nervous about the season of life I am in right now. I cling to God and His promise found in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for peace and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” I will continue to dream big, to be faithful, and to trust that God will bring all things to pass. And I don’t have to make them happen.


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5 thoughts on “Surrendering Dreams…

  1. Our church is doing the study that goes along with the mini series. I get to preach the Palm Sunday message that goes along with. I am really excited about it. I know what you mean about not being like Sarah. Sarah. Sometimes there is a real temptation to rush ahead of God and control circumstances for ourselves. I am constantly reminding myself to stand still until God says “Move!”

  2. Carey D. Henderson on said:

    So funny I just read this after writing part of my blog about Sarah, this story keeps showing up in my life over the last several months. Excellent blog 🙂

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