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Aim for the Stars

My last blog was about my experience about the time I fell from the zip line when I was a teen-ager. In that blog, I mentioned Bill, the one who gave me the piece of wood from the tree that I fought with (I have since shellacked it)…Bill has been a role model for me for many years. He is a good man who loves God and people. He served in Vietnam and also was a State Highway patrolman for years. He is a great teacher and a poet. I always love hearing the poems he writes. He came into the office today and gave me something he wrote. I asked him for permission to post it on my blog. So sit back and enjoy our guess blogger today! 

Aim for the Stars

Dot and I went to work Tuesday morning as we always do. We were both tired. Monday afternoon we had driven to Toledo for our grandson’s track meet. It’s a two-hour drive each way.

Duncan is in the seventh grade. This is his first year on the track team. He throws the shot-put and the discus.

When Duncan was two years old, he was diagnosed with autism. Since that day, our daughter, Jodi and our son-in-law Chad, have done everything possible to help Dunc be all that he can be. He goes to public school. He’s involved in sports. He is tutored all year round. He is an A and B student. Jodi ran a 26 mile marathon to promote Autism awareness. Dunc ran the last 100 yards with her. He was also a spokesperson for autism on a special program on T.V.

Dunc’s track team only had one coach at the track meet. There was no coach to help Dunc at the shot put or discus event. Dunc’s first shot-put throw was not real good. Then Dunc got a foul for walking in front of the ring instead of the rear. He was upset and discouraged.

I threw the shot-put and discus in high school, so I showed Dunc a few things and tried to encourage him. His next two throws improved. His last throw was a personal record.

Dunc moved to the discus field and his first throw was 38 feet. We talked some more. I told Duncan to release the discus in an upward motion and aim for the stars. His second throw was 52 feet. I could see his confidence growing. His last throw was 58 feet, another personal record for Dunc.

As we were leaving the track meet, Dunc gave us a hug and thanked us for coming. I reminded Dunc to always aim for the stars.

It’s now about 4 p.m. Dunc called to tell us at practice today that he threw the discus 70 feet. He thanked me again for helping him.

It’s now about 4:30. It has been a hectic day. All morning we had equipment breaking down. In the afternoon I worked on billing with Dot. It did not go smooth. As we were closing, Dot told me about some equipment she rented for the weekend. I got upset because she did not talk to me first, as if she really needed to. She knows more about the business than I do. Dot got upset, there were some words and she left upset.

I got home before she did. I was trying to stay angry so I could convince myself that I was right and she was wrong. I was thinking about all the stuff that happened that day. It had not been a good day. Then it hit me. 

The stuff that happens in life does not really matter. All that really mattered today was that Dunc threw the discus 70 feet. He was aiming for the stars.

No matter what comes our way during any given day, may we always fixate on the good things that have happened. May we always aim for the stars!


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One thought on “Aim for the Stars

  1. Carey D. Henderson on said:

    Excellent blog! This sounds exactly like Bill & I can picture having this conversation with him. Such a great man of God & a great human being. So blessed to know him (and Dot!).

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