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Nothing is impossible

About six weeks ago, an opportunity was presented to me. This opportunity is currently THE #1 item on my list of dreams (bucket list). It is the chance to go on an 11 day study tour in Israel. I have never wanted anything so much in my life. I would know some of the people going and one of my mentors is co-hosting it. It couldn’t be more perfect…

But there was/is one huge obstacle…the cost for the trip is 4 grand. Let me put that into perspective for you…that is 20% of my annual income…(remember the blog in which I stepped out in faith and whittled my jobs down to one…and lost that 7 extra grand a year…).

For the past 6 weeks, I would look at the brochure almost daily. And pray. I became fixated on it.

Last week was youth camp. It was the best youth camp that I have been a part of. God was so faithful. There was a solid, deep move of God. No major discipline issues. Very peaceful. At one service only 10 out of the 160 campers remained in their seats during prayer time. During this week, I was able to give this longing to go to Israel to God. I would not fixate on it. Once I did that, I had peace and did not think about it anymore.

As I pulled into my driveway, after a perfect week and a fun ride home, my nieces were there with balloons, streamers and silly string to greet me. I felt so loved. We walked into the house and more decorations awaited me.

Silly stringed...

Silly stringed…

My nieces waiting for me!

My nieces waiting for me!

Holding the sign they made

Holding the sign they made

My nieces in the midst of their decorations!

My nieces in the midst of their decorations!

I stopped at my kitchen table to glance at my mail. I noticed a pretty envelope in the pile. Curious, I looked to see who it was from. When I opened it, a check fell out. It was a check for $2,000. For my Israel trip. I started crying and was in utter shock. My nieces asked me what was the matter. They have known how badly I wanted to go. And knew that I couldn’t afford it. They were amazed at God’s provision. I am so grateful to the wonderful person who blessed me with this gift! What it did for my nieces…to show what God can do, means more to me than anything. I pray that God doubly blesses them!!!!

The check...amazing

The check…amazing

I still need to come up with the rest by the end of January but I am confident that God will provide the rest.

So yesterday I mailed in my registration and my deposit. And remembered that you can never out give God. And nothing is impossible. No matter what you are facing…nothing is impossible!

Mailing in my registration. Yeah...I really do take pictures of everything!

Mailing in my registration. Yeah…I really do take pictures of everything!


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10 thoughts on “Nothing is impossible

  1. Kelly Hogue on said:

    What a wonderful way for those awesome girls to see God in action 🙂
    God is good ❤

  2. Awesome! What a great testament to God’s unyielding love and guidance!

  3. Stephanie Yu on said:

    This is so awesome!! What an experience it will be for you. There is a gentleman I know here in Findlay that takes a group to Israel and I have been wanting to go. However it’s nearly impossible with 3 young children. Eventually it will be my turn. I am excited for you.

  4. Awesome encouragement for those of us waiting on something as well. Indeed, we serve a God who loves us so much. I hope and pray you get the rest of the money needed to go.

    • Thank you, Ed!!! I am confident that God will provide! So very excited about all of it! And my prayer was that this blog would build other people’s faith! God can do anything…heal, provide, encourage, restore…and the list goes on!!!! Thank you so much for commenting!

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