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Tone-Deaf and Proud of it!

I was reminded of this blog tonight in a class I was teaching. One of the very first blogs I wrote!!!


The Gong Show: The Beginning

Singing. I have always loved singing. When I was 8 years old, the Vermilion Fish Festival (my town’s yearly festival honoring all things dealing with fish) decided to have a gong show as part of the festivities. Much to my brother and sister’s chagrin, I entered the contest. They begged my parents not to make them watch it. After all, they had reps to protect. My brother, Bill actually walked the railroad trestle, over the Vermilion River to escape the embarrassment. So at 8 years old, I sang “You Light up My life” acapella in front of all of Vermilion. If American Idol was around in ’78, I would have made the beginning part of the season. I was that bad.  The only reason I did not get gonged was due to the fact that 2 of the 3 judges were my siblings teachers. And…

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