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Black Friday vs. Thanksgiving: a tale of a girl’s first Black Friday

I wrote this 2 years ago. Thought it was fitting to reblog while I work on a new one for the holidays!


Black Friday.  I have never taken part in it. Never observed it. Never had the desire. And never will again. This year after the coaxing of some die-hard black Friday shopper friends, I decided to go and observe. I lasted two hours.

Our first stop was Target. It opened up at midnight. There was a line around the building. There were four cop cars with dogs in them. It was insane. It looked like a swat situation. Target seemed to have it organized. Once they opened, they would only let 50 people go in at a time. After two people being sent to the hospital on stretchers last year, they learned their lesson. It took an hour to get all those people into the store. While in the parking lot observing and taking pictures, we talked to two ladies who were sitting in their car. They were sisters and this…

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