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McPherson Rain

I have spent the past 2 out of 3 weeks at youth and kid’s camp. Both weeks were incredible. The first week was youth camp. It was raining one night during service and I began to write a poem. I was home for a week in between camps. Pastor Jim spoke on the Sunday in between camps on storms that come up in our lives and how they can draw us closer to Jesus, if we let them. When I got to Kid’s Camp there was rain again. I finished it up while at camp. This is my only second attempt at poetry.   🙂 I absolutely love how God speaks through His creation. 

Camp McPherson Rain

The rain is gently falling down
Washing away the dirt, dust and grime of life;
Cleansing the deepest, darkest part of me;
Cleansing and setting me free.

The rain is steadily falling down,
Saturating the ground.
Bringing to life areas
Dried and shriveled up;
Places where fruit no longer abounds.
In the same way
May Your Spirit fall on me
Saturating every single part of me,
Allowing me to grow so Your love and goodness
All may know.

There is a mist clinging to the hillside,
A tangible sign of God’s presence.
Truly He is always near,
Hovering over me.
Guiding, protecting, nudging me along the way;
Watering my sin weary, parched soul.

The storm is passing
The sun is peeking through the clouds.
What will the Son find in the storm’s wake?
Debris of bitterness, doubt, anger, and despair?
Or a faith renewed and cleansed?
A faith so strong, no storm could ever take.

Camp McPherson

Camp McPherson

Mist in the trees after the rain. Sun was trying to come out.

Mist in the trees after the rain. Sun was trying to come out.

Rain storm at camp

Rain storm at camp


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2 thoughts on “McPherson Rain

  1. That is beautiful and profound! It must be raining in my office right now too…

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