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The One in Which I got a Spray Tan

In my last blog, I wrote about how amazing my summer was,  and some of the lessons that I learned. I realized while writing it one would not be enough. So I ended the blog “to be continued.” This blog is the continuation.

Lesson #3: Sin is a lot like a spray tan…it looks good and makes you feel good for a while but the aftermath is not pretty or worth it!

I had the honor of being a part of two dear friends wedding this summer. I have always liked how I look tan (vain I know 😉 ) but had given up using a tanning bed a few years back. A friend suggested we go and get spray tans together a couple of days before the wedding. I was nervous because I had seen that episode of Friends….you know the one…the one where Ross goes into a tanning bed and gets confused and only gets sprayed on one side multiple times. I so could see myself doing the very same thing. The lady took me back and showed me the awkward poses I needed to do. The most confusing one was the “pose like an Egyptian”. There were two ways to do it to make sure all of your skin was sprayed. She pointed out a poster (that was to the side, outside the tube I would be in), reminded me to listen to the cues and left me on my own. It was way too complicated. I missed a couple of cues because I was looking at the poster to the side but made it out alive. As the evening went on, I began to get darker and darker and darker. In the morning I decided I liked it though it was a pretty drastic change. The day of the wedding came and I was feeling pretty good about it. I had a cute new dress. I was excited for my friends. It was a beautiful, warm August day.

The part I didn’t mention was that I was co-officiating the wedding with my boss. The place for the ceremony was beautiful. It was in a chapel on the shores of Lake Erie. It was also not air-conditioned.

When I get nervous, I sweat. A lot.

Not some dainty, lady-like perspiration but the someone-turned-on-a-faucet-inside-of-me-full-blast kind of sweat.

And I had to stand up there with the bride and groom the whole time. And the ceremony was so touching and the groom was crying and when I see men crying, I lose it. So there I stand…sweating and crying. I’m sure you know where this is headed. As the ceremony was coming to conclusion and they were announced Mr. and Mrs. I looked down and saw brown water trickling down my leg. I was mortified. And it made me more nervous which made me sweat more which made more brown water trickle down my leg. I had forgotten about the spray tan. So at this point I am in full-blown panic mode.  Now I know that probably no one noticed but I did. And it was disgusting. And it was all over my clothes. And it was coming off kleenex like foundation. The next morning I woke up and the spray tan was all over my sheets and comforter. It was a mess.

As I looked at the carnage in my bedroom, I realized sin is very similar to spray tan. It makes you look and feel good for a while but the aftermath and price you have to pay is way too high. With the spray tan there was a lot of cleaning up to do. I looked good with the tan for a while but I got to the point during the wedding with the one thought “I hope no one notices, I hope I don’t embarrass the bride and groom, I hope I’m really not peeing my pants…” A lot of us stuck in sin think the same thing “I hope no one notices, I hope I don’t get found out, I hope I don’t embarrass my family.”

The great thing about Jesus is He sent the Holy Spirit to convict us, to let us know when we are doing things that will harm ourselves or others and our relationship with Him. And even if we ignore it and end up with a colossal mess on our hands and consequences to be walked through, He is always there to forgive and get us up and on the right path again.

I will never get a spray tan again. At least I got a good story out of it.


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One thought on “The One in Which I got a Spray Tan

  1. Michelle on said:

    Oh Heidi, You had me laughing! Great story and lessons learned.

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