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Bike & Baggage

A few weeks back I began chronicling the adventures I had this summer and the lessons learned. Once I began writing I realized one blog would not be enough. This is the fourth and last installment. I am ready to leave summer behind me and embrace all God has for me this fall. Ministering in Africa and North Carolina are just a few of the things to come!

At the beginning of the summer,  I went for a 17 mile bike ride on a trail not far from my house. The trail extends from rural Kipton, Ohio to the city of Elyria. It is a gorgeous ride. The trail winds through farmland, woods, a golf course, the city of Oberlin plus more. I usually pack a lunch, take my Bible and journal and ride to the city of Oberlin and eat lunch and read and write in a park in Oberlin. I decided to go further along the trail before turning around and heading back.

Scenes from the Kipton Trail

Scenes from the Kipton Trail

On the way back, I got tired so I stopped at CVS (a drug store) to get crackers and something to drink. I ended up buying two facial washes, a huge bottle of body lotion (they were on sale) plus two drinks. Mind you, I still had five miles to go and the grade is higher going back. These purchases added an extra 5 pounds.

It made no sense for me to buy facial wash and body lotion on a scenic, long bike ride.

Not one of my brightest moves.

As I was peddling my heart out with an added five pounds of baggage, I thought about my walk with Jesus and the Scripture I had just read in the letter to the Philippians. Chapter 2, verse 14 said “Do all things without grumbling or complaining.”

Early summer was the end of a tough season for me. I was tired. Spiritually and physically. And frustrated. And angry.  Did I mention how tired I was? Bone-weary tired.  When I’m tired I end up picking up stuff/baggage I don’t need.  I begin to think in my heart “this is too hard, this season is going to kill me, I have it harder than anyone else, God where are you?” I had picked up grumbling and complaining.

I had to stop my bike and pray. And confess and apologize to the Lord for my current frame of mind and how I had been acting.

It was amazing. Once I confessed, peace and joy flooded my soul. This act of confession and repentance set me up for one of the best summers of my life. God was able to move in and through me once I put the baggage down. The ride has been smoother and easier and way more fun and fruitful!

What have you picked up? What is weighing you down in your walk with the Lord? What is God asking you to lay down so you can freely live this life He has given you with joy and peace? Confession is really good for the soul.


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2 thoughts on “Bike & Baggage

  1. I love this post, Heidi. I believe God directed me to read this particular one, although I’m a fan of your writing anyway. I catch myself complaining a lot — sometimes daily, especially to my husband. Most of the time I recognize it and apologize to him, but I know after 3 years he has to be sick of hearing it… I’m sick of hearing it! I pray that God help me with holding my tongue and I’m reminded of Paul and the thorn in his palm that God would not remove to teach him that His grace is sufficient. I have to repent and ask His forgiveness along with plead for an extra portion of His grace when I find myself whining and complaining.
    Thank you, my sister, for reminding me that complaining isn’t the answer, rather the problem. In prayer, we find our answers – and relief.
    Much love, in Christ
    His daughter, Jodee

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know what God is doing and what’s going on in your life! It so encourages me when I see other people growing in their walk! And believe me, complaining and whining is my fall back sin…I can hide it from almost everyone but it effects my walk with Jesus.

      I will be praying for you! And thanks for reading my stuff…that blesses me more than you know.

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